Okay, so whether you completely understand the cloud or not, you’re sold on the benefits. But taking your business’s technology to the next level is not as easy as it sounds. A Google search is overwhelming because everyone claims they can do everything. There are public clouds, private ones, and even hybrid options. Some sites claim you already have the existing tools, and others want to take you down a long, costly road of custom development. You might consider that, but you don’t know who to trust not to steer you wrong. You may have some working systems in place and need help increasing efficiency or scaling it to a new level. Possibly you have team members already who are skilled developers or advisors who simply don’t have enough hours in the day to do anything more than solve day-to-day issues. Or perhaps you are in the technological dark ages and you know you need something, but you have no idea what that would be.

How do you even begin to decide where to go from here?

We’ll save some time and give you the short answer—work with NOUTC. But, being the discerning consumer you are, we know that isn’t going to be reason enough, so read on.

We are a young, innovative, US-based company that leverages cutting edge and cloud technologies to help companies make the leap to the cloud. We simplify and demystify complex processes and migrate businesses around the world to the cloud. We’ve successfully solved technology needs for companies in many different industries, including
automotive, retail, telecommunications, e-commerce, commerce, entertainment,
manufacturing, insurance, and call centers.

As a 100% virtual company, we are able to eliminate inefficiencies such as logistics and overhead and use the available resources to their highest potential. With our problem-solving process and highly-skilled flex staffing, our Cloudologists deliver larger-scale applications for less. We employ a team of highly-skilled people, among the best in the industry. And we have also built a company culture that nurtures and develops individual talent while allowing us to have fun.

Listen, this may sound trite, but we mean it: we are on this journey with you. We are as invested in your success as you are because our names are on the line, too. We don’t want to be known as a cookie-cutter tech company. The reason we’ve had success is because we look for custom, appropriate approaches for your specific business and its goals. Part of that thrill of what we do is knowing we will create a perfect solution for your company.

Through our Road Mapping process, we can accurately estimate the scope of your business’s needs and provide you an estimate you can depend on. You won’t have any financial surprises, so you can confidently leap towards the cloud with a clear and accurate idea of what to expect.

It’s not just about saving money, though. Our tried-and-true, state-of-the-art, multi-tenant development SaaS platform can be used to build the applications you need to reduce the time to market, giving you a faster return on your investment.

On top of all that, we guarantee up to 80% test coverage of your code, which means you will have fewer bugs in the code, and that, in turn, leads to much lower costs over the longevity of your project.

Okay, maybe we can’t promise to eliminate all work headaches, but we won’t be the source of them. You don’t have to stop your operations while we do our work. We prepare everything, then simply plug you in to the network once it’s all been tested and approved, keeping down time at a minimum.

Combined, our founders have more than 40 years of programming experience—and that doesn’t count all the years of our other team members. We have worked with and consulted with some of the largest companies in the world, like Volvo, Geico, Dell, Infosys, PWC, ADT, FINRA, and Deloitte. (We apologize for name dropping, but we need you to know we are legit.) We are positive we can find solutions for you, too.

On the other hand, we’re not too big for smaller projects. We know everyone has to start somewhere, and we can create solutions scaled appropriately for your company.

We can supplement your staff to help you. This allows you to rapidly flex and scale your team in times of increased need without a long-term commitment.

Besides, we’ve been working remote since way before that was cool, so you do not need to make room for our team to be onsite. We have developed a robust process that works well for managing a distributed team. Leveraging our remote model reduces your overhead and keeps our costs low—savings that we pass on to you.

Like we said, we like to have fun. We’re not arrogant so much as confident. Because we’ve seen our business approach work for companies like yours again and again. A predictable model, experienced professionals who are invested in your success, a painless process, and seamless integration with a flexible team. We take care of all the hard stuff—all you have to do is reach out to get this process started!

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