No One Understands the Cloud helped one of Indianapolis, Indiana’s leading eBook platforms college software integrators migrate to a new eBook platform.

NOUTC’s Solution

The cloud migration project included the separation of a single server instance, operating from an in-house Windows server to a multi-server, load-balanced Windows Domain, in an IaaS solution in AWS. It also included the migration of a SQL Server 2012R2 instance to a managed AWS 2019 Instance with backup and failover.

The multi-server implementation was accomplished with a managed Windows domain and managed EC2 instances, moving the company’s infrastructure to the cloud all while assisting them in lowering their costs and enhancing their user experience.

Our Approach

INFRASTRUCTURE: Uptime was important. This led to elastic load balanced servers, optimized routes, health checks, and S3 buckets to manage data.

NETWORKING: Security was top of mind. With vnet, subnet, load balancers, and IAM roles to control access to services we were able to secure the network with ease.

DATABASE: Keeping a familiar feel. The database was a SQL Server database, which is not native to AWS. Running this in Amazon RDS gave the client a feel they were familiar with. 

UI/UX: Updated branding. The UI/UX of the eReader required heavy modifications to the branding and stylization. This was accomplished with enhanced CSS and custom code.

APPLICATION/SERVICES: Patches & Updates. The application was not kept up-to-date on the latest security packages/frameworks. This forced us to upgrade the existing code and correct any bugs that arose.


The entire migration took just 9 months to complete. This included a 3-month planning/ramp-up and a 2-month testing cycle.


We were able to complete this migration for under $200k due to our low overhead and talented team.


DYNAMIC DUO: A pair of Principal Cloudologists worked together to complete the migration while providing 
satisfactory customer service throughout the course of the project. This migration was the catalyst that led to the creation of NOUTC and all that it is today.

COST SAVINGS: Reduced overhead = more profit. Without the overhead of having to invest $500k in new hardware to run this solution, the client was able to save over $200k.This savings is above and beyond what it cost them to have the migration completed by No One Understands the Cloud! That’s huge!!

Growth Possibilities

COMPANY GROWTH: Utilizing an AWS infrastructure, the client was able to plan for their next phase of growth. The reduced costs, savings, and simplified management made this investment a smart fiscal decision, with the project well worth the money spent.


A cloud migration is no easy task; there are many aspects to consider and sometimes you just need another set of eyes. We’d be delighted to discuss your goals and see how we can apply our unique perspective to become more than a contractor. We are your growth accelerator. Learn more about our capabilities here. Give us a call today at 1 (888) 346-3025 to talk about your next cloud project!

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