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Cloud Agnostic Development

Our team of Cloudologists are excellent resources for building solutions that are cloud ready yet cloud unaware. Just write a small adapter and you can get your application up and running in whatever cloud platform you choose.

Native Cloud Development

This is by far the fastest way to get your business up and running, however it does tie your applications to specific technologies and platforms. This is typically achieved by using native cloud SDKs and deployment techniques.

Hybrid Cloud Development

Not ready to fully move to the cloud? Let us help you get your business moving that direction all the while keeping your current data center in place and migrating applications as needed.

Multi-Cloud Development

Utilizing multiple cloud platforms is usually the most expensive approach, however for the right reasons it makes sense. Let us help you decide which solution best fits your needs.

Azure Microservices

By running its e-commerce engine in Azure in hybrid fashion, Alaska can also scale more easily and cost-effectively, ensuring its sites run at the optimum point of performance and cost.

This is a great example of how cloud technology not only improves your businesses ability to scale and grow with your customers, but also gives you a clear vision of how it can assist with improving your customer’s experience.

Cloud Tips & Tricks

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Why use AWS?

McDonalds is the world?s largest restaurant company with 37 thousand locations, serving 64 million people per day. Using AWS, McDonalds built Home Delivery ? a platform to integrate local restaurants with delivery partners such as UberEats.?

Integrations like these are easily accomplished with cloud technology and global availability.

Cloud is exciting.

The NCAA? is using Google Cloud to tap into 80+ years of statistical game and competition data ? and what it could mean for college sports.?

Big Data solutions like these get investors, executives, and customers excited about technology and how it helps grow businesses and improve their experience.

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