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Migrating to the cloud? Starting fresh in the cloud? Looking to use cloud technology as a DR solution? Need help choosing the right technologies? Need assistance designing and developing a cloud based solution?

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Cloud Migration Planning

Migrating to the cloud from your current data center can be quite an undertaking if you are unsure of the technologies that you want to use. Let us help you get your plans ready.

Off to a Fresh Start

Man, it smells like a new car in here! That’s the feeling you will get when you take cloud technology for a test drive. Start with a new small project and let us help you migrate the rest, after you are sold on the idea of cloud solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Want to setup a DR plan but don’t want to invest 6 or 7 figures hardware? We can design a solution that will let you use cloud technologies as your disaster recovery solution.? Best part?! Only pay for what you use without a large upfront investment.

Application Migration

Migrating your applications and/or your infrastructure to the cloud can be a challenging task. We specialize in simplifying the process by providing you with detailed design docs, agile plans, and a dedicated Cloudologist to work directly with your team.

Cloud Tips & Tricks

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Off to a Fresh Start!?

Sometimes starting fresh is the right thing to do, it’s also sometimes the hardest. We can help your business ease into cloud with a small cloud technology based project, then help you develop your migration strategy.

Be disaster ready.

How much do you rely on your in-house systems? What would your business suffer if disaster struck? With cloud technology you can quickly divert traffic anywhere across the world, replicate your data across multiple geographical locations, and quickly switch between regional configurations.

Let our team show you how cloud can be your disaster recovery solution. The best part? You only pay for what you use, ultimately keeping budgets happy.

Please tell us about your project and someone will contact you shortly to discuss how we can help.

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