System Administration

Need help securing your cloud solution? Need a big budget IT team at a small team price? We can work directly with your current team, or be your IT department.

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Remote Administration

Every solution we build and design is setup with remote administration capabilities. This enables our team to quickly respond to your needs anytime, anywhere.

Federated Security

Already have your domain configured the way you like it? Federated security works directly with your existing domain and gives you the flexibility of cloud based authentication services.


Providing your team with CI/CD solutions and continuous feedback is another area we have a lot of experience with. We can set you up using cloud based DevOps solutions as well as onsite DevOps solutions, the choice is yours.

Identity Management

Our Cloudologists can enable your business and applications to get up and running with point and click identity management quickly and securely.

Remote Administration

Technology is everywhere, so are we. Our team of Cloudologists are equipped to handle your needs in any situation, at any time. With our remote administration services your company can reset assured that your requests will be handled and processed in a friendly, prompt manner.

Cloud Tips & Tricks

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Federated Security

This solution gives your company a clean separation between the service a client is accessing and the associated authentication and authorization procedures. Federated security also enables collaboration across multiple systems, networks, and organizations in different trust realms.?

Identity Management.

Control access to your applications and systems through direct identity management solutions.?


Continuously deploying your applications and providing your business instant feedback makes our DevOps solutions a great kick start to moving your business to the cloud. Start out by migrating your source code, then setup your deployment strategies to a cloud provider and then start deploying your applications to cloud platforms or even in your local data center.?

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